I'm Daisy,
Daiba Fungi is my adaptogenic and wild remedies store...

Daiba Fungi has evolved through stories combined, not simply a business plan realised but a place for creating community, love and a greater sense of well-being.
Sharing my passion for wild remedies, offering guidence and support to others is a path I have immense gratitiude for, it is about nourishment, sharing the knowlege and re-wilding our wisdom as a collective.

Through my years and journey I came to realise the unsettling truth behind  modern medicines and the negative impact they create in our bodies, the products on our supermarket shelves we call food and the chemicals we expose ourselves to unknowingly on a daily basis.
I am one of those individuals who goes about life learning the hard way and this journey was no different, diagnosed with adhd and medicated heavily I was living a chemically dependant existence.
My body took the toll of those years and my brain health deteriorated greatly, I suffered a decade of chronic digestive issues, hospital visits and invasive testing.
I was passed from specialist to expert, finally believing private treatment may be the answer, still with no insight or understanding of what might be going on inside my body, one condition added to another and I was simply told I had Cancer, Celiac or Crohn's disease.

The change happened!

Having lost faith in "modern medical industry" I decide to take my life back into my own hands and the journey began...
First I detoxed from chemical drugs and medications, no more prescriptions, no more adhd brain damaging pills.
We do not need them!
There are safer and more effective ways to manage our brain health.
Eliminating any form of contraceptive and hormone replacing medications,
Yes Ladies!

That is absolutely the place to start, get that s*"t out of your body, there are better, safer and more effective ways to track your cycle and remain responsible and safe.

 Food and Nourishment

Nutrition is everything - note to self, I'm still working on it, but wow I am forever grateful for this journey!

No convenience junk, sauces or packets of anything, it's about eating real food and giving yourself the time to nourish your body.
Spend time in your kitchen and bring it back to basics.

Finally it is about recognising the difference between medicine and drugs, it is about letting go the of conditioned fear we have natural medicines.

We are innately natural beings of this Earth, complex individuals with receptors all over our bodies and an intricate nervous system that is constantly communicating with us, itself and our environment.
We need medicines with multiple compounds that create balance in body, that find and focus on the source of discomfort, not singular, synthetic compound drugs that isolate and numb a syptom.
Living in this cycle, ignoring what our body is telling us leads us down the path of chronic illness and disease, it is a destructive misleading cycle.
There indeed is a place in this world for modern pharmaceutical medicines and they can do amazing things in the correct context...
I believe quite simply - They are for saving lives, not maintaining them.

Creating a relationship and reconnecting with ourselves, getting to know us and what's going on inside us, this is the only way to live well and restore a happy body and mind preventing illness and supporting our well-being.


"Symptoms are our body telling us something about


Having found a more primal and natural perspective on healing there was no turning back for me.
I dived into studying the psychological effects of trauma on our real time physical, emotional and mental state of being.
Gaining a much deeper understanding of nutrition, soil science and the impact of commercial farming and food production on our health and our planet.

My greatest discovery was the profound positives that plant and mushroom remedies have bought to my life, restoring both my physical and mental well-being, changing the way I look at myself and the world around me.
I am eternally greatful for my path and for the journey I am on, being able to offer guidence and support to others so that they too can reconnect with their most authentic self and restore health. 

Introducing you to the intelligence and innate wisdom of wild, natural medicines changed my life for the better in every possible way, I am here to support you on your journey of reconnection.

Together we Thrive 

I have gone back to my roots!
I am thriving,
Thank you Plant and Mushroom Wisdom