FLOWERS  Loose Leaf Tea
FLOWERS  Loose Leaf Tea
FLOWERS  Loose Leaf Tea
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FLOWERS Loose Leaf Tea

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Loose Leaf Blend
20g – Flowers


All the same amazing health properties and benefits of plants, now in a loose-leaf tea,
keeping it simple with whole-plant extract loose flowers.
Boost your daily dose of feel-good to support you and your body the natural way with one of Mother Nature's most healing and intelligent adaptogenic plants.

Recognised and loved as one of the most powerful medicinal plants we have available to us from our natural world, her sweet, distinctive aromas and taste are not the only reason we love this plant so much.




We use finely cut, whole-plant extract flowers that are rich with all the natural goodness that this beautiful plant can offer.
Our flowers are packed with chlorophyll, terpenes and flavonoids, they boast the full range of plant goodness, unprocessed and untouched from plant to your tea pouch!

We like to not interfere with our products too much as we believe Mother Nature knows best, that's why we are proud that our flowers arrive at your teapot with minimum processing, ensuring that the flowers and chlorophyll are healthy, alive and ready to work their magic!
Chlorophyll is often overlooked and undervalued but is packed full of important vitamins, antioxidants, and therapeutic properties, making all plants beautifully green and healthy!
Our terpene and flavour packed flowers give you all those supercharged and sweet-tasting herby health benefits, making this the perfect combination.


Relax, put your feet up and release all those beautiful flavours and aromas, the perfect daily cuppa full of goodness.
A great addition to your routine or just a little boost in the right direction.

Let me steep for 5 mins or so to get the most of my flavour and benefits.

1 teaspoon in your strainer, dunk and go...
Top me up with a little more hot water, I go further than one cup!



Do not consume whilst pregnant.
Do not exceed the stated recommended dose.
Food supplements do not replace a healthy diet.
Keep out of reach of children.